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Albert Einstein — 'Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.'

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Restoration Bicycle™ is a boutique workshop specializing in restoring, modifying, improving, and custom building bicycle and eBikes for recreation and urban use.


Let us help you get your favorite bicycle back on the road

– in style.


Our focus is on the following aspects:


  • We restore Classic, Vintage gems and bring them back to their old glory


  • We modify used bikes in terms of look and functionality and make them more suitable to specific desired application


  • We improve used bikes by adding electric-assist motors, converting them to modern eBikes and helping users ride challenging terrains and longer trips which they might not be able to complete on pedal power alone. As an alternative to buying a super-expensive commercial eBike, we help our clients easily build their own for a fraction of the price by using our modern electric bicycle conversion kits


  • We build personalized, custom bike projects to suit our client’s needs, by either modifying their old bikes or by using one of our existing frames


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