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Some useful and interesting ​bicycle related links:


Trek - DreamBikes


Cycling in Cincinnati:


Friendly local bike shops:


Going green and UP-Cycle projects:

Axiom Oceanweave cycling gear





The joy of two wheels: Elysa Walk at TEDxVailWomen:


Always On : Why an e-bike could be your next ride:


Cycling Copenhagen, Through North American Eyes


The Indianapolis Cultural Trail

The Next-Gen in U.S. Protected Bike Lanes:


Greensboro Alabama Bamboo Bikes:


Core Change:





J. Livingston Repurposed Bikes:


A film about Pete:


Waterside Workshops:


Killer Koatings:


The Broke Spoke:

Motorcycle restoration:

Restoring a Wrecked Honda CBR600RR Motorcycle Start to Finish in 4k!

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