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We have the knowledge and expertise required to help decide between the different types of electric bikes, we can convert almost any old bicycle into a modern eBike, or we could build a custom eBike project - specially for you.

For the past few years electric bicycles are becoming the alternative vehicle of choice in Europe and Asia. Industry experts agree the North American market is reaching a point where consumers are embracing eBikes as a new mode of transportation, offering something for everyone—the urban professional, environmentalist, college student, middle-age fitness enthusiast, and recreational user alike.


Here are some of the benefits of Electric Bikes:


  • Inexpensive to operate—save money on commuting or running errands

  • No license, registration or insurance required

  • Pedal effortlessly to work without getting sweaty

  • Good source of exercise

  • No traffic delays since you can ride in bike lanes

  • Follows the green trend—no exhaust emission, quiet, minimal carbon footprint

  • Portable—take it into your office, condo, load it on the bus or train; take up elevators in urban high-rises

  • Fun to ride—feel like a kid again!



Why an e-bike could be your next ride:


Electric Bikes Worldwide Reports

Revealing the Revolution in Two Wheel Mobility:


If an electric bike is going to make it in the US, it might be this one:


Turn Any Bike into an E-Bike

New pedal-assist wheels give almost any bike an electric boost:



Rugby x Pashley Tweed Run Bike 2.jpg
Dutch Bike.jpg
Copenhagen Wheel
Dutch Bike 2.jpg
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