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Three International Schools
Five Campuses
Over 300 bicycles collected
Over 250 bicycles distributed
and lives changed.

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Schools CAS collaboration in Geneva:

our project is organized and directed by two students from the Florimont Institute, in collaboration with the Geneva refugee centers (Hospice General) and LGB parents. Since February, more than 300 bikes and 100 helmets and scooters have been collected, cleaned, and more than 250 repaired and redistributed to refugees in the centers and to Ukrainian refugees who recently arrived in Geneva.


In June, our efforts were recognized by the British Embassy with a Platinum Jubilee Award for Volunteering.

Building on a solid foundation for a non-profit business supporting community integration and bicycle recycling with refugees in Geneva, the project has been collaborating since May with other international schools in Geneva - Institut International de Lancy, Collège du Léman and the three Ecolint campuses - to work on the creation of a community-run bicycle workshop, and to continue to build and develop our venture.




Some testimonials:

- For the last few months, one of my daily jobs has been to go and shop for food for my family. And when you have few resources, it means
buying things in bulk because it's less expensive that way!

My arms have felt like they are ripping off when I have carried 10 kilo bags of rice under my arms, or a giant watermelon for that matter. One time I even walked 8 km to France to buy things from there because it is less expensive.

This bike with a big basket in the back will allow me to shop much more easily and spend more time cuddling our baby.

- I am looking for my own apartment to rent.
Landlords here are quite strict: they send me where I need to be at a specific time. It takes a very long time to move around by train and bus, to go to
small villages in the area.

I am so grateful to have this bike so that I can more easily visit apartments
and start my own life here while it is unsafe to return to Ukraine.

- I found a bike for me and my daughter. Now we can bike together to the beach, and to see our friends during the long summer while school is out.
We have been feeling isolated during this time, because taking the bus is expensive. Now we are free to enjoy this beautiful country, while praying for
the war to end so that we can rejoin my husband back at home.

Platinum Champion Award for volunteering 20220605e2.png
Platinum Champion Award for volunteering 20220605.png
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